Professional Tips On Deciding On Major Elements In Calgary Facepainting

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Gillies became the fifth goalie in Calgary franchise history to win in his debut. He was steady throughout; and, with plenty of support coupled with little resistance from Los Angeles, he cruised to the win. "The time I settled down the most, I think, is after they scored," Gillies said. "I kind of chuckled to myself. That was an unbelievable effort by our team. When you play behind an effort like that, it's easy to see why we've had success this year." Wideman joked about the rare opportunity to pot a breakaway goal. "When I first got the puck, I was thinking, 'Don't fall,'" he said. "And then I was thinking, 'Just shoot.' And it went in for me. It definitely felt good." Los Angeles coach Darryl Sutter was less than complimentary about his team's 60-minute effort. After playing Calgary even in the opening period, the Kings exhibited the same lack of spark that has plagued them for the last month of the season. "Just before Wideman came out of the penalty box with his blazing speed and scored on that breakaway, they had another breakaway, too," Sutter said.

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